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Can I wash a wetsuit in the washing machine?

Can I wash a wetsuit in the washing machine?

It can be tempting to wash your Wetsuit in the washing machine. It must be said that the machines are found in most homes and save us a lot of time and effort every week. On the other hand, washing a neoprene suit can be a time-consuming chore. Especially since it is advised to clean it frequently. The answer to this question is obviously: no…

It strongly disadvises to wash a neoprene suit in the machine.

See the damage of a machine washed wetsuit, sent by one of our customers

The neoprene of surfing wetsuits, diving or other purposes will not hold up, even at a slow spin.

What are the reasons why you shouldn’t use a washing machine to wash your overalls?

In other words, why doesn’t my wetsuit crack when I catch a 2-metre wave, but it would when I leave it in the machine for 1 hour? 🧐

  • The only water that won’t damage a wetsuit is clear, fresh water.
  • The drum of your machine is porous and made of metal, so the risk of snagging is high.
  • The neoprene in your wetsuit is very fragile. Unlike cotton, it does not resist compression and stretching well.
  • Drying, even at minimum speed (around 800 rpm), is fatal for any suit.
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