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Learn how to wash your neoprene wetsuit for (surfing, diving, etc)

Learn how to wash your neoprene wetsuit for (surfing, diving, etc)

why wash your wetsuit

Have you ever forgotten to rinse your wetsuit after a tiring session? Then you know that the resulting smell makes you regret this oversight. Rinsing is the basis of wetsuit maintenance, it removes salt and smell on a daily basis. After a certain number of sessions or if you forget to wear your wetsuit, it is advisable to do a complete wash to remove bacteria and bad smell from the suit.

rince it after each session

A quick aside about rinsing. It is widely recommended for all wetsuit owners. As said before, it is essential not to have smells that remain after the sessions, whether diving or surfing.

Rinsing is best done cold, to keep the neoprene compact. One or two minutes is enough to do the entire surface of the suit.

However, once in a while it is advisable to do a complete washing.

Complete washing with antibacterian product

Unlike a repair for a hole-in-the-suit, washing can be done at home without taking too much risk.

Some people stay with soap when they wash their wetsuits. Some people stay with soap when they wash their wetsuits. For more important washings, specific products exist. The Piss Off product created by Rip Curl comes to mind.

To wash with the product, you must first fill a container with water and then dilute the product according to the dose indicated on the packaging. The suit can then be placed to dry inside. But be careful, you will probably have to move the suit in the water. To do this, be careful with your hands, the products are often quite corrosive. You will need to take precautions, such as gloves, or use a stick, before handling the suit.

Drying the suit

The drying of the suit is best done naturally and away from the sun. Indeed the neoprene is fragile, and supports badly the strong heats. In addition, many mistakes can be made such as drying on a non-adapted hanger.

Washing your suit: what not to do

  • Put the suit in the machine, even when cold cleaning sicle
  • Soak for too long in the dedicated product
  • rince with hot water
  • Scrape the combination with a hard tool
  • Use a high pressure hose
  • Wash only one side
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