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Neoprene wetsuit drying

Neoprene wetsuit drying

Whether you’re surfing or scuba diving, a neoprene wetsuit is essential to your practice. A well-dried neoprene suit can last for years, while improper handling can cause cracks and premature wear. Here are some tips on how to properly dry your neoprene suit:

  • First of all, remove all the objects in the pockets which could cause damage to the suit during the drying process, this is especially the case for diving wetsuits which have more pockets than other extreme sports wetsuits.
  • Use cold water for washing. Never dry a wetsuit directly without first washing it with clean water, otherwise you risk having smell that linger afterwards…
  • Let your suit dry naturally, whether indoors or outdoors. Avoid accelerating the drying of the neoprene suit by placing it on a heater or exposing it to the sun. It is important to understand that these heat sources can “decompact” the neoprene, which can then delaminate, causing micro-tears. Do not use a hair dryer! We advise to balance the suit on a beam, a low wall, a curtain rod… The idea is to avoid using a hanger when the wetsuit is wet, as this will undoubtedly damage the neoprene at the shoulders.
  • Once the suit is dry, store it in a cool, dry place away from heat sources, direct sunlight and corrosive chemicals.
  • Don’t forget to lubricate the zippers before each dive or sea trip. This will help protect the suit from sea water damage. You can use WD40 for example.

By following these tips, your wetsuit should be in perfect condition for the upcoming sessions. Take care of your suit and it will pay you back!

If you ever need a wetsuit repair, you know which door to ring! Our workshop consisting of two seamstresses and a logistics team repairs all brands on the market at good prices 😊

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