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How to put on a zipless wetsuit?

How to put on a zipless wetsuit?

You can’t miss it anymore. The wetsuits without zip have invaded the market for a few years now.
If you’ve decided to take the plunge and get started, hats off to you! You will see that the advantages are numerous, better waterproofing, longer life, more comfort in the water.

The only problem comes when putting on the wetsuit… And to remove it at the same time.

Start by putting on the legs, taking care not to force your fingers to damage the neoprene.

Also, be careful not to get your toes caught in the neoprene.

Then you should be able to pull the suit up to hip height. The hardest part is yet to come.

Be sure to put on the wetsuit as much hight on your chest as possible before putting on the side opposite the head

Slip the sleeve on completely and pull the neoprene so that you are comfortable around the sleeve.

Then you can start putting on the other sleeve. Some people prefer to start by putting on the head, which makes it easier to put on the remaining sleeve.

Adjust your suit and you’ll be ready. Don’t forget to pull the tightening wire on the torso to prevent water from entering between the two neoprene panels.

To remove your suit, prefer to remove both sleeves in parallel rather than one and then the other so you can use your elbows to remove the sleeves.

Don’t hesitate to use a changing bag/mat to avoid rubbing the suit on the floor!

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