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How to store your neoprene suit (surfing, diving, etc)

How to store your neoprene suit (surfing, diving, etc)

Perfect for water sports, neoprene wetsuit is necessary for all our surfing, diving and other water activities when the temperatures start to drop after the summer!

To ensure the longest possible life for your suit, you need to learn how to store it properly. We give you our tips!

Mistake to avoid

Storing your suit on a radiator

Do not do at home! Neoprene is very fragile and the heat from a radiator could cause the neoprene to become brittle, resulting in delamination of the material.

Store your suit on a classic hanger

Most common mistake Clothes hangers are great for storing your stuff, they are not meant to be used for wetsuits for the most part. they usually are:

  • too thin
  • the decreasing temperature is too important.
  • End of hanger in pointy
Example of a hanger not to be used to dry your wetsuit

Tidy up without equipment

To store your neoprene wetsuit, if you have the space, you can fold it in 2 or 3 avoiding putting pressure on it to avoid having neoprene in tension. This requires a place made for with the possibility to put wetsuits.

if you have less space, it is possible to dry the wetsuit on a wall. It is generally recommended to dry your suit by turning it inside out, but in this case, the ideal is to keep it the right way round, to avoid the “inside” part filling up with bacteria when touching other surfaces.

Hangers specially designed for storing wetsuits

This is ideal for any wetsuit storage. A suit hanger has the advantage of not damaging your precious suit, while conserving space in your closet. You can find them at different stores : Surflogic, Decathlon.


Now you know how to effectively store your wetsuit. The idea will always be to avoid having pressure points on it. Fortunately, there are accessories that allow us to put them on a hanger and keep them outside without fear of damage to the shoulders!

Did your wetsuit have a hard time being put on a hanger? We offer hole and delamination repairs with our workshop, so contact us!

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