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How to remove a smell from a neoprene suit

How to remove a smell from a neoprene suit

If you’ve got a lingering smell on your wetsuit, you’re going to want to get it out as soon as possible. đŸ˜”

Why do wetsuits stink so much?

We don’t always realise it, but when we’re surfing or doing other water sports such as diving, we sweat a lot in our wetsuits. Being in the water takes all the sweat out of it, which is one of the advantages of this sport. That said, the fact remains that your wetsuit keeps your perspiration under the neoprene. What’s more, the seas and oceans are full of bacteria, and the water is not always of the highest quality. In other words, the water we bathe in is often dirty in its own way. That’s why we sometimes find guides on beach water quality, and bans on swimming on the dirtiest beaches.

Imagine going jogging in a sports shirt and simply rinsing it off with water before putting it back on, it would probably stink? That’s more or less what happens with combinations.

To sum up, perspiration + seawater = not very pleasant smells.

A method that’s easy and accessible to all

The easy way, described in our guide to washing your overalls, is to soak your overalls in soap and water. We recommend using a bathtub if you have one. For others, a waterproof bucket/bag will do the trick. The idea is to have as much of the suit as possible submerged in soapy water.

The team’s tip: soak the suit upside down for 1 hour, then soak the suit right side up for another hour.

Once the suit is thoroughly soaked, you can rinse it with clear, fresh water to remove the soap.

If that’s not enough

If the smell persists after you’ve tried soapy water, there are other ways of removing the remaining odours.

Making a homemade cleaning solution

Here’s a recipe for an effective, natural solution that will attack a little more than soap:

  • In 2L of water
  • 2 tablespoons baking soda
  • 1 tablespoon white vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon black soap
  • Optionally, add your favourite soap or essential oil

Buy Rip Curl piss off

Surf schools love it, and it’s quite effective in case of a strong smell. The advantage? A highly concentrated format that can be diluted en masse in clear water.

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